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The GDEALER DT15 is a top-notch waterproof digital instant-read meat thermometer meticulously designed for professional use in a kitchen setting.

GDEALER DT15 Waterproof Digital Food Thermometer

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The GDEALER DT15 is a top-notch waterproof digital instant-read meat thermometer meticulously designed for professional use in a kitchen setting. Crafted to deliver fast and accurate temperature readings, this thermometer is an indispensable asset for any culinary enthusiast or expert. With its ultra-fast cooking food thermometer featuring a convenient 4.6” folding probe, you can expect precise results within seconds, guaranteeing flawlessly cooked meat on every occasion.

Cleaning the GDEALER DT15 is a breeze, thanks to its innovative waterproof design. Its compact size and folding probe make storage a breeze as well, ensuring minimal clutter in your kitchen space. Furthermore, this exceptional thermometer includes a calibration function to ensure spot-on temperature measurements. This feature is especially crucial when cooking meat, as an inaccurate reading can result in either overcooked or undercooked dishes that are far from perfection.

Versatility is another outstanding trait of the GDEALER DT15. Its capabilities extend beyond meat cooking, making it a versatile tool for various culinary applications. From monitoring milk temperature for homemade yogurt and cheese to checking the precise heat of candy, this thermometer has got you covered. As a reliable and efficient gadget, the GDEALER DT15 waterproof digital instant-read meat thermometer guarantees consistently superb meals, earning its rightful place in any kitchen.

Product details
productWeight: 2.89 oz
dimensions: 6.85 x 2.44 x 1.18 in
asins: B07Q2HG111
Group IDs:
IP 67 Waterproof: The waterproof function makes it perfect for Liquid, Food, Meat, Candy,Cheese, Chocolate Coffee, Milk and Bath water temperature.
COOK A DELICATE MEAL FOR YOUR FAMILY: To prepare a meal for family and don't need to worry about it overcooked or undercooked. That’s why proper temperature monitoring is critical. GDEALER Instant Read Thermometer create a more accurate and faster meat thermometer for you and will give your great assistance when cooking.
Large Bright LCD Backlit display: Press the button,the screen will light for 5 seconds.It makes barbecue and picnic easier and more convenient at night.
Batteries: 1 CR2 batteries required. (included)
Easy To Use: Auto-on/off function,open the probe to turn on,fold the probe to turn off, easy to use,storage and carry.
Conveniently To Store: With strong magnet in the back of folding thermometer, it’s easy to keep it on the fridge door cupboard or any iron surface where you can easily and quickly access
Fast Response: 3-4sec: Equipped with an advanced micro sensor to allow the meat thermometer to retrieve result within 3-4 seconds.
High Precise probe: With wide temperature range of -58°F ~ 572°F (-50°C ~ 300°C), accurate to ±1℃(±2℉) between -50~200℃(-58℉~392℉).
Calibration function adjusts and brings your instant read thermometer back to the correct accuracy, making it more durable.: How to Calibrate:
Hold Function: Lock the temp reading on the display even when you remove the probe from the food. No more dangerously peering inside your cooking appliance to read the temperature!
Date first listed on Amazon: March 26, 2019
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